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Welcome to ExtensionArt

    I am Mike Bermudez, I'm an up and coming Artist and would like to offer my services to all developers looking to add custom made graphics to their extensions/applications. Maybe you'd like a new...

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Anything you want! Get creative.
Just throw me an Idea and I'll make it for ya! If you like the work and use them all I ask is that you let me know and give me a credit (and may be a link?). If not,Oh well... no hard feelings....I enjoy the chance to practice. All artwork is done Free, but Donations are Greatly Appreciated  

I will also clean up or redesign graphics that you currently use, as long as any original artist(s) credit(s) remain intacted.

All completed work becomes your property...I just ask that credit for my work be maintained thoughout.
Additionally I will also post an example showcasing your Extension and highlighting any work that I've contributed and I will also add your home page to my friends list. I've wanted to develop an Extension of my own (learn more), but until then I would like to at least be involved in Extension development.... no matter how small.

So if you would like to stand out and make an impact....

...Let ExtensionArt take you there.

Make a request today.... and get noticed